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MCJS (Mangement Consultancy JS)
Mission International Management Consultancy JS is dedicated to offering the necessary consultation and support to develop stable, reliable and suitable solutions to improve business performance. When possible and meaningful, our task is to expand and integrate these solutions to ensure a visible customer utility, which includes: Recognizing and utilizing relevant market and customer potentials Anchoring customer orientation in your business Implementing customer relation management systems Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty While supporting customer needs, the business should also be supporting company personnel at all levels with services and coaching to ensure that tasks related to customer loyalty are effectively implemented. International Management Consultancy JS is committed to identifying each client's individual business needs, recognizing that different industries require different solutions. Let us support you in your endeavor to increase your goals - and meet them. Goals Goals make the difference between a dream and reality. They provide direction and clarity for ideas to take root and help, in conjunction with motivation and drive, to do the right things at exactly the right time. Goals, therefore, need to be measurable. At International Management Consultancy JS, our goal is to provide our clients with management consultation and comprehensive advising regarding the contracted project. This includes: •   conceptual consultation •   comprehensive support during data acquisition •   development and implementation of strategies and concepts •   delegation of tasks regarding complete information and data procurement •   data analysis •   conversion coaching The success of the management consultation and comprehensive advising is determined by demonstrable project success. Values The search for perfection is one of the most important values and is at the core of International Management Consultancy JS. The search for perfection is expressed in excellent quality, sustainability, transparency, and continued education. At International Management Consultancy JS, we place particular emphasis on a collaborative relationship with our clients. Our approach is influenced not only by each client's individual needs, but also by the latest scientific methods.
Mission - Goals - Values