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Example subject: Customer satisfaction and loyalty are important success factors for every business Customer orientation has prevailed worldwide in the last two decades as a successful business model. This is true not only in large firms, but also in medium and small businesses as well. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are influenced by many different factors. Customer satisfaction, especially, is derived from the difference between personal expectations and perceived fulfillment in regard to both offered and perceived services. Successful business should not only focus their marketing activities exclusively on the winning of new customers. They should also focus on the increase of their customer loyalty. Wirschaft: Das IHK Magazin, 4/2005 Satisfied customers are good, loyal customers are better. A company prefers both satisfied and loyal customers - without question. However, companies have strategies, meaning they decide on certain options and against others. Therefore, they are not able to satisfy the needs of all customers. Should they concentrate solely on the portion of customers that are satisfied? Or should they also recover the profitable business potential of dissatisfied customers? management/management Customer loyalty is worth more than customer obligation, because loyal customers avow themselves to a business and its products and are not forcefully bound to a business. Just like trust and enthusiasm, loyalty cannot be forced; rather, a business must consistently earn it. Anne M. Schüller, "Zukunftstrend Kündenloyalität," Göttingen: BusinessVillage, 2004 Let International Management Consultancy JS help to build customer satisfaction and loyalty for your business.
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty